Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas! Day 59

I had a great Christmas. Ian, Bridget, Lyle an Katie came for supper which was cooked by Bridget. That girl! She made a tenderloin roast (organic butcher), roasted potatoes (2 kinds), roasted brussel sprouts, curry sauce, pecan pie and ginger bread! It was so good! It was a wonderful night- lots of good conversation and again...the food! It felt great. I'm a lucky lucky ducky. Today james and I slept until 11ish, had breakfast and yes......took a nap! What decadence. Now we're eating leftovers. So far a perfect day!
I am NOT going to do any work...I swear! Maybe a second nap tho. We bought a new juicer we'll try out later. I gotta eat more greens!!! Hemoglobin!!!!!!
I hope your Christmas was and continues to be wonderful.

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful Christmas for a beautiful family and quite a delicious feast!