Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm sorry I missed a day. I may have been taken aboard a space ship and probed. I think something like that happened or maybe I was a lazy bum. Either one....not so good. I went to clinic yesterday- just got a little magnesium. All my counts are looking good. My platelets went down about 10 points but that's normal. Today I walked for the first time. James and I walked about 1/4 mile followed by a climb up the apt steps. May I say I am VERY glad we're on the second floor, not the third. I'm going to start visualizing me as Rocky on the steps of the capitol in Philadelphia, jumping up and down like a wild thing. Maybe I can skip the actual exercise and just visualize...no???yes???? I also did a little yoga (really- not just in my head). So I'll ret to increase a little each day until I have some stamina.
Stay well!
PS The photo is of me and my brother in somebody's cutlas. Maybe we stole it- that part of my life is a little hazy....


  1. Sometimes when the old pictures are blurry - I realize it's not the photograph - it was us. We were all kinda of blurry back then - it was a blurry time. At least we were not all black and white like the generation before us. Nowadays people are sorta photoshopped - highly stylized with odd colors and textures. We evolve.

  2. Hey chick,

    Before I leave town I wanted to say - Happy Organic Turkey Day to you and your boys (+ the girls). I am thankful you are doing so well and have such a great support system.

    Love - KD

  3. I say Aye Carumba a convertible!!! How cool is that??? Girlchick, how did you sleep with those cans on your head??? Rest and keep up those excellent counts!! Love you Bud.....XXXO