Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PS May I just say....

My family is so important to me. Everyday my heart expands with love and gratitude for so much but mostly for James, Lyle and Ian Katie, Bridget and my brother Jofe. It's a rare blessing to be surrounded with so much love and support. One of my many lessons has been to allow others to "do" for me. It's very hard but I think opening up that 2 way door is a blessing to everyone. My family is doing everything for me and it feels so good and safe. My friends are calling me and praying, sending me things and taking care of business and holding me in their prayers and hearts. I saw a video from school last night and cried. My Dean and friend Cliff Haury, send me a gorgeous book that will help me so much. It feels cinematic- it's so full and satisfying. And (not to be shallow) my fashionista friend Laura is bringing me a pair of crazy cool shoes. I can't wait to rock them!! I will be the cutest girl in the clinic (depending on the clinic). Caramba! I can't help but be shallow...sorry!


  1. We're all part of the process - and your amazing recovery is energizing us all. I'm rooting for your white cells. (that's not racist is it?)

  2. You ARE the cutest girl at the clinic!!! Please please, post an image of the shoes you fashionista!! Leave it to Laura, she is amazing..And you and your cells are totally astounding and astonishing!!!You GROW girl!!

    You and Joey are two of the funniest people on this planet!!

  3. Thanks buds- Joey I think it's ok to root for the WBC.