Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote you Monkeys!!!

It's me. I'm going to post a little and then nap. I voted early this year and sent in lots of $$. Please vote!!!
I received platelets last night (1:30) which is a big deal. This is how they begin to rebuild me. Bionic??????? ok! It went very well. This morning I'm my usual hot mess but a nap will help.
Please keep me in your prayers and see me in kick ass health. (Having tea with TomPeriello!)


  1. Don't worry almost everyone I have seen from the faculty has the I voted sticker....Lets hope all voted correctly. Go platelets!

  2. good to see you typing! no blowing!

  3. So I didn't really have to vote twice? - Oh well, this is Florida after all. I don't know what I'll do for entertainment when the attack ads stop - I just hope I still have a job a month from now. Hell - a month from now, I'll be in VA!

  4. Please sing out loud.
    "I love my platelets, oh yes I dooooo! I don't love anything as much as you. When you finish working, I'll be like new....(big finish) OHHHH PLATELETS I LOOOOVEEEE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!
    Tu amiga loves them too!

  5. Such a lovely song, Sil! And I can just picture your Cuban bod dancing to it.

    Well I just lost another comment...I am soooo good at this e-stuff...

    B- you are doing a great job. Keep it up.

    My "place of peace" that I visualize when I need it is early morning on Ft.Lauderdale beach, walking the shore to the port with no one around but me and the birds. It is always very healing. I am going to picturing us walking together until you are all better.