Thursday, November 4, 2010

So it's two weeks in the hospital. It's been weird and magical in a very odd way. This process is humbling and kind of beautiful. I feel the substance of your thoughts and prayers. You know I'm not a spiritual kind of gal but I'm in flux- no doubt. I'm up all hours of the night- that's when they give you blood and platelets and watch you like a hawk. There's also excessive peeing- every 1/2 hour (I swear) so my sleep patterns are wayyyyyyy off. Along with that comes some very transcendental moments. So it's been interesting. The nurses and care partners are fantastic. They are charming and engaging and very professional. The transplant protocols are micro refined and everyone is on board. Lord knows, I am. I've been using every resource to help with the healing and it's coming along. I had toast today and it was transcendent. Who knew? I've been working on lots of digital stuff- Lyle and Katie's wedding graphics and the poster for the upcoming Let There Be Light with James. It's pretty pretty pretty good! I skype with my sons and the "girls" alot,(and grand kitties and pup) see James everyday, talk with my brother everyday and skype with my girl buds too. I feel very plugged in and am soooo grateful for the mac, the Ipad and the ipod. I love me some apple. So I'm doing ok. Please keep sending me your good thoughts and prayers- they are mos def a part of the bubble of care and hope that I live in. I think about my chemo nurses at Martha Jeff too and feel grateful they set the bar for care so high.
In It,
Ps Mr. Demille.....I'm ready for my close up!!!!!


  1. Beryl, Love the photo--you really do look beautiful and serene. Tim and I have been sending positive energy/healing thoughts your way. Today is a rainy, cool, fall day--winter will be coming soon-a good time to hibernate, rest, heal and rebuild. I am going to send you some funny links--as laughter is the best medicine.

  2. As Billy Crystal would say...."You look maaavelous!!!" It just made my day. I think those platelets are doint thier thing overtime.
    Ry is with me at school right now and says HI.
    Much love.

  3. she's bound and determined not to look "sick" - Looks like she's ready to go home. Act as if!

  4. look GORGEOUS!!! What's that head covering??Is it like red and flowers???Roses? How could it be anything other??? Wanna Skype manana?? I couldn't figure out how to put the "`" over the "n"....I will bring my laptop up to the studio if you feel like a chat....we can draw each other!!Like draw while cool is that???? Until manana, sleep you bud....LXOXO

  5. Good to see you looking so great. A group of us are working on a video greeting from many at PVCC. More soon. Much love from Marion and me

  6. Hey Beryl,

    You look like you should be in Guns N' Roses. How cool is that? Love you. If you get bored, we can skype.


  7. B-Bud you look great. I can't believe you look so good in such a short time. Keep moving forward.
    ...So you are up peeing all the time - welcome to my world. Sil cannot believe how often I pee. I call the ladies room at school "my office". I think I have not slept through the night since Rick and I were in Santa Fe for three weeks in May of 2007...You are doing great. I am so happy for you.

  8. Hey Chickie!
    You do look so great! I was thrilled to get to see you yesterday, even just for a couple of minutes. I'm not sure what all of that was about but I want the best for you so whatever they think I'm good with.
    So, do you go across the hall to that "family" room much? That was the room that was empty and not used for anything before and I would go in and look out the window. My room was around the hall from you and my view was a building. UGH Thus the videos and looking out that window was so vital for me! I would love to skype or video chat with you too. I used the iChat on my laptop before but not skype.
    Have you had a chance to watch the Autumn's Peace DVD yet? No worries if you haven't.
    I'll resend my email again to ya too.
    I'm here if you need anything!
    Love you, Ashley