Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SO good, so good!

MY dear friend John Grant was my caregiver today. He was my first non-fam caregiver. He did great. HE took me to the clinic, made me lunch, got me snacks, took the laundry to the cleaners etc etc. It was a great day. MY platelets are now 218 AND I don't have to go to the clinic tomorrow at all because I'm doing so well. ISn't that amazing!!! This is a giant deal. I was just released 6 days ago. I AM flushed with gratitude!


  1. Way to go John. Tell us about it - it's not a social visit is it? Were you able to get your own work done? Was it comfortable? Anything you wish you had brought? Did you get to see Beryl bald headed? Questions Questions. - AND WHEN IS BERYL GOING TO GET HER CAPSLOCK KEY FIXED?

  2. Beryl - put up an AHG pic today. Do you think she's having anything to do with your astounding blood chemistry?

  3. Hey Bud.....we are flushed with gratitude too....soooo happy to hear such good news and high numbers!!! You are kickin!!! Lisa and Mac, eating lunch as usual!! .....XXOOOO

  4. oxoxoxo
    I'm taking the puter in tomorrow- I'm going to freak out without it!!!