Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day +9

Day 9. My latest counts are climbing. Slowllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy climbing. Platelets 44 White Blood Count 0.1, Red Blood (my fav) 3.18. Boooya!
I'm having trouble sleeping still. I get up at about 3:30 and stay up usually. Maybe I should post then! Actually I often answer e-mails and work. Night before last i spoke with my friend in Spain. It's a weird magical time. I'm emotionally more direct and always spend some part of the time praying, tapping, meditating and listening to my Bella Ruth healing tapes. It's a very unusual time for me. Also I plan my garden in the side yard. Roses and berries for as far as the eye can see. I can't garden (am I repeating myself??) but I can design and hire someone to do the foundation. I'm getting a great bonus from school and it's going to pay someone to do the heavy lifting on this. Bam! Decision made!! My brother Joe (Joey) is on the prowl for a couple of used guitars. We use to play together as teenagers and we're going to play again. We rocked the folk scene. Puff the magic dragon, oh yea, 500 miles, get it!!!!!
I'm going to eat my apple sauce and cereal, continue shedding my stupid hair and dance around and annoy folk.
Thank you healing friends.


  1. Excellent, excellent Great news about your counts going upppp upppp upppp.......and your garden!!! And bonus!!! wowzer, the green stuff go girl!! Can I be a back up singer (I am crap on the guitar) and Mac wants to be a gogo dancer!!! or your back up dancer..LXOXOXOX

  2. If we can get 9 screens up on skype we can have a virtual band that will suck but be fun to watch.
    Mari can do guitar, but she would be the ringer. I can lip sync and play a mean tambourine and maybe a soulful rendition of "House of the Rising Sun" if I practice. Joe, Phil and Ry would like to be white versions of Gladys Knight's PIP's. We would love to see MAC in white boots and fishnet stockings. What is Lisa's costume. We would need to coordinate.LXOXOXOX.OX (one more than Lisa)...I am a little competitive.

  3. I don't know if I could sing with Pips and gogo dancers. (I don't know if I can sing period!) I'm with you on the sleep thing - if your body is awake, get up and do something! - Sleep will take care of itself.

  4. Beryl, It is so good to hear that you are doing so well. I am excited for you - it just gives me goose bumps. I know that you will be glad to be out of the hospital and in your apartment, not home but close!
    I am scheduled to be at the clinic on Dec. 2 - It would be wonderful to meet you if possible. Take care and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad to hear that you realize that prayer does work.

  5. Beryl,
    I will plant in your garden you know I am good at this. I will start some plants for you in the spring what would you like???? I have tried for two years to teach myself the guitar, no luck so far.Great news about the numbers, sending positive thoughts for ever rising numbers. As for sleep I have just discovered if I am awake enjoy the time......

  6. hello my people!
    I'm liking all the support on my new music career. I will, however, NOT quit my day job. I say Yes to everything!!!!

    Gloria- that would be amazing to meet. I'm putting in in my calendar. If I'm not in the Clinic that day I'll come up and see you. It's a date!!!
    Praying like nobody's business,

  7. I am learning the guitar now. Starting with a lot of Tracy Chapman and I've got a little Guns N Roses/Poison medley I've been working on. Also, the song from Juno, and some Bob Dylan in the I'm getting there! B- I miss you so so so so so so much. My parents bought me a car and once I get it insured and registered I'm coming to Richmond to see you, come hell or high water. My hair is getting long, people comment on it, by the time it gets long enough for a wig, yours will probably be back, so I guess I won't have to cut it short after all:) I have many fun scarfs, if you want some. Also, I had my first counseling session today...I'm getting healthy, you're getting healthy. Graduation is in more semester, if it kills me, I'm going to do it. I love you and will help with heavy lifting if you would like...


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