Friday, November 12, 2010

In THE World!

I slept like a tiny precious baby girl last night. I asked james to wake me every 2 hours but he refused!! Imagine? I'm in the clinic today.I"ll go everyday until things start normalizing and then I'll start skipping days. It's very chill. EVERone is dressed for the real world. I mos def am the cutest girl in the room. I'm rocking the boots and tights- a less tasteful version of my friend JENNy K> at school. I are breakfast and lunch without "event" So I'm happy. I HAve my cute linch box from CHACHAs. STill competitive!
MY platelets are...wait for it.....118 today. I could sell some I have so many!
MY art buds from school sent me a card from my students. They festooned it with feathers and glitter and wrapped it with flamingo paper and glittery ribbon. My people!!!!!!


  1. You go girl, I wore a pair of cowboy boots to work today, and thought of you as I walked into the building. Thinking was I a little Beryl like?????
    Peace and prayers

  2. YOU are rockin girl!!! Superfine platelets and superfine boots!!

  3. So how do we know those are really your feet? It couldve been some other cute chick at the clinic. Hunting for guitars tomorrow morning. (or whatever else moves me).