Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day +8

So I'm an 8 day old baby today. My white counts are starting to rock forward. Two days ago I had a white count of -0.1 and last night i had 1.2- I think. This is how it starts. The platelets start to build (I'm at 39 I think - yesterday) then the white blood count. I feel an odd sensation in my legs the past 2 nights. I believe I feel the bone marrow engrafting. I could be high on chemicals but that's what I believe. the docs and nurses are blown away by my progress. I just saw a fortune cookie I got about 6 month ago- I brought it to the hospital. It says "Mighty forces will come to your aid". Check!
My innards are starting to realign in a recognizable fashion and as you can see, I'm rocking the headware. My shaved head is starting to shed. I see it in my little caps i wear to bed. All moving according to plan. I exercised last night- only 40 minutes on the bike but i still feel pretty good. I spoke with my dear bud Mari today on the gmail video phone. So cool- Mari in Spain, me at the Richmond Hilton. So cool.
So I'm growing and shedding and feeling great. Please keep your good wishes, prayers visualaztions coming. I believe that is a big part of my healing success. I swear I feel your pull when I do my visualizations and meditations.


  1. I think she's posting the same picture and just photoshopping new head gear.

  2. You GO GIRL!!! I love those numbers!!! I am sending massive and expansive energies of love and healing your way!!!! and you've got the rockinest head gear around!! It is soooo amazing that you can talk to Mari, with her being soooo far away....what a wonderful feeling...I feel all warm and fuzzy for you you Bud...LXOXOXOX

  3. You are amazing and I am glad you are doing so well the docs are blown away. Keep only focusing on the posative and moving forward. I did that when I had my back surgery. I remember being told the best correction I could hope for was from a 60 degree down to a 20 degree curve and mine went dow to 18 degrees...I always felt that happened because I only focused on the posative and also because my body was flexible from all of my swimming and stretching. I think of my surgery as a miracle in my life. Keep working on your miracle.

    Today I woke up to our first cold front and my pool was closed so I enjoyed a beautiful beach walk and took you with me in my mind.


  4. Hey Beryl, this is my first ever comment on a blog (many thanks to Joe and Angi for their guidance!). Check in multiple times each day, am visualizing with you, and am sending you (and James) only the most positive thoughts, prayers, and energy! Love hearing about your amazing progress and the wonderful support team you have with you there and from all points. Love, Marie

  5. If anyone else is having fits trying to post to this blog - tell me - - and between me and Angi and Marie - we'll figure it out. I know Beryl likes to know you all are out there.

  6. The second miracle in this whole event is that Angi might be teaching someone something about computers.
    How come my sister gets to talk to you???... I am going to have Ry set me up with the skyping thing.
    I sent you a little something to jazz up your dailt photo. Hope to see it on day 10. Much love.

  7. exciting numbers!!!!!And the headware is great. Sending nothing but positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  8. Got your response to Orphans, Mad Dogs and Brawlers invite ... still trying decide which one you actually are. I'm thinking Mad Dog. Ah...the drink of youth. Mad Dog 2020 - okay, ick - but I still like the Mad Dog thought of you tearing up at what's happening here.

    You look positively (and I mean that, like Edie Brickell sings it) lovely.

    My heart is attached to yours, my friend. Please know if there is anything I can do, I'm there.