Friday, November 5, 2010

Day Plus 7

So I spoke with the Docs during rounds today and had a really great talk about healing and all the contributing factors. It was really satisfying. Most Docs don't want to hear anything put medicine and only medicine (don't get me wrong- thank you medicine!!!) So it felt meaningful and substantial. Dr. Toor coined the phrase "Compulsively Compliant". That's going to be my new middle name. In the picture to the right is my nurse Lily. She's so attentive and smart. I don't know how they get and keep so many good nurses here. Lily is a GREAT nurse. And she has hair! When I say her name I think about my bank of red and orange lilies at home. What a perfect metaphor.
So it looks like things are going really really well. Dr. Toor thinks we are on schedule for a pre thanksgiving release. He's thinking (God willing) November 19th. I'm pretty excited. I'm crazy excited. etc etc. So things are going well. Every day a little better. Last night they untied me from "Johnnny" by pole o meds and I got to dance around like a fool for 45 minutes. I thought of my Nia teacher, Susan M. and just went kookoo. I feel really good. James calls it Beryl 2.0- it feels that way to me too. My friend and colleague, Fenella, told me she thought this was going to change me. Her husband went through very serious and intense back surgery last year so she knows this close up and personal. When she said it I thought how could I change? What would that look like and feel like. She was right. I am changed. No matter what happens I've had the back of my head and heart blown out and opened up. I've been renovated. And I feel blessed like crazy.


  1. B- What great pictures!!!! You look wonderful. I hope you continue to feel better each day. Nov. 19th - you can do it! Way to go Rock Star!

    Peace I send you -

  2. you look GREAT!!!! Nov 19 way to go, what a gift for Thanksgiving.

  3. You look like you should be taking care of Lily... those platelets are doing their thing. It is good to be taken care of in a place where you have confidence that you are in great hands. I felt that way about my dad's care. So happy to see you in such good shape.

  4. Go Babycakes.....who is your photographer....these are way excellent pics!! What I'm seein is a vibrant, healthy, happy girl!!!! OMG, two weeks until you get to go home!!! woohoooooooooo!!! I thought that Sil was on her way to see the Pope???LXOXOXOXOXOXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. Well, this is an interesting way to loose weight. What are you now . . . a size 4? I'm so glad that you are coming around and in there pitching. You are an inspiration and yes, I have been exercising.

    I've also been doing the film festival and saw a terrific movie this evening: "Elvis and Madonna". It's a Brazilian film and you should get it on Netflicks.

    I haven't yet figured out skype. Can I do it on my iPad?
    Would love to have a real time chat wit cha. How do I do it? Miss ya.

  6. You look great and happy. And that's terrific news about going home on the 19th. And boy, can you rock a head scarf.

    love ya.

  7. I'm super excited to meet the new you!! In the photos you have a new glow and you're eyes scream happy.

  8. Best line EVER:
    No matter what happens I've had the back of my head and heart blown out and opened up
    Stealing it for a poem.