Saturday, November 27, 2010


Sorry for the delay- no big story- just doing the regular stuff- growing bone marrow and blood cells. We had a great Thanksgiving. Bridget made an outstanding meal with support from Katie and Lyle and Ian. James also baked a pumpkin pie (high adventure) and made a great salad. I ate and rested, rested and ate. I laid on the couch like a carp! I was like a baby! A lazy, selfish baby! Rob and Anna came by for a visit yesterday. They looked great. Anna looks gorgeous- she's full of baby energy. I should get some of HER blood! She's freakin vibrant!
Today I'm in the clinic getting labwork done and some mag. There's talk of giving me magnesium in pill form so I would come in even less! I had two days off and enjoyed every minute. I had TWO naps yesterday!! I am living so large.
There's talk of taking a little drive down to cville to look at the Christmas lights on the Ivy post office and nursery. If you've never been- it's pretty magical. I look forward to it every year. (such a bad, bad Jew, but it's true.) My fiend, Gloria is recommending the Richmond Tacky Christmas light tour. I'm excited about it!
That's all from me.
Take care,


  1. Keep on napping and growing blood cells and go girl!! Isn't James a great cook??? He rocks oatmeal, so I assumed he did the same for pie?? You are not a bad Jew....Jews love lights and glitz going like way back....check out this Hannukah site, they even have wreaths and lights...all they are missing is the bush... by the way, Happy upcoming Hannukah, I can't wait for you to see your Hannukah present (hee hee hee) .....

  2. Likeing the Christmas lights makes you both official Jewtholics. All good.
    The important thing is that we are shallow and easily impressed by the smallest of things. It keeps us happy.
    So glad you had a nice restful thanksgiving and that your family took such great care of you. Much love,

  3. Hello, Ms. Beryl! The town is just not the same without you around. I'm liking what I've been reading on your blog. I hope you are blowing them away with your progress.

    When you tour the Christmas lights in C-ville, call me and I'll join you. That is, if'n it's OK with you and Mr. James.


  4. Hey Beryl:

    Yes, I can confirm, the lights out at Ivy are over the top out of this world! Great blues. So lovely, and super neat and lots of them... Bob & I saw
    them while driving out that way the other weekend.
    It's a beacon in the dark night....

    There's also this place out on 810 that has lots of
    lights, I think you can drive around on the property if you head this way. (Between White Hall and Crozet)

    If you need one of those blow-up Christmas
    decorations for your apartment (lawn?)....
    there's this crazy one at Lowes, where
    a Santa is in a trailer (old style camper)
    and he opens and closes the trailer door--waving.
    A deer is on the front end, hanging out, I think.
    very is Santa on vacation? or
    is it a social commentary of some sort???


  5. Hi Beryl!

    Sounds like your in great spirits and enjoying your down time! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and family. Hope to see you soon!

    Matt Thomas