Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weds. Update

I'm in clinic today. James is of getting me refilled with meds. This place is BIG and I would get soooo lost- It's up to james. I was just looking at yesterdays photo and remembering how I use to set my hair with orange juice cans. Gianormous rollers! How did I sleep with those on my head. I love the way my hair looked. Good thing I'm bald or I'd start drinking frozen OJ again and collecting cans!
My numbers are good and I'm going to get TWO days off. I'll chill thurs and fri and go back in on saturday!!! Bridget and Katie, along with Lyle and Ian will be doing the cooking. James and I (mostly James) will bake a punkin pie and salad. I'll be on the couch enjoying the aromas.
have a lovely thanksgiving. I'll be full of turkey AND gratitude!


  1. You are my thanksgiving this year sister.

  2. We are most grateful for your amazing progress! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.