Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday in Richmond

I'm in the clinic today for a long day. It's past my naptime! I had labwork done, got a chest xray and am getting some magnesium and a little blood. My hemoglobin dipped! The freekin nerve! I'm getting some fresh hi test. Last night james and I drove to the Ivy Post Office and dropped off some stuff at our house. It was fantastic. The christmas lights are wonderful and my house is perfect. I still have roses blooming. I knew I would! I was so tempted to prune them BUT I didn't. Those babies have bloomed in the snow- I swear. I'm going to have James prune them for me in late winter so they'll kick butt in the spring. I planted over 250 tulips and dafs this fall before I went to Richmond so I am expecting a spectacular spring showing. I miss my house so much. It's BIG!
I'm off tomorrow and my friend Laura is coming to stay with me. I hope to refrain from heavy online shopping!


  1. RoseBud..I bet just driving by your home made your hemoglobin soar!! OMG, you and Laura are going to have such a GREAT GREAT time....retail therapy is like soooo satisfying!! Don't you love how shallow I am??? Must I remind you of one of your favorite saying?? "I never regret what I buy, I only regret what I didn't buy"!!! XOXOOXOX

  2. I remember the Ivy post office and doing Christmas shopping there - very magical! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with your family. Since I always end up being one of the three family maids (along with my Mom and Amelia) enjoying a family holiday from the couch sounds mighty appealing...By the end of the weekend I was exhausted...Glad we got a good chat in.
    Much love,

  3. Hah!!! See you in just a bit, bud! I will try not to be a bad influence.