Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday at Home

It's been a quiet sunday at home- no clinic. James ran around like a wild thing shopping and doing laundry. I put together a shelving unit to help organize the apt. The apt is very comfy- there's almost a place for everything which helps in the day to day.
It makes me anxious to not know where things are and we don't want baby getting ANXIOUS!!!! I worked a little on school stuff too. Th art club is doing a tote bag instead of t-shirts this year and Rob just sent me the file of the student artwork that we'll use. The student is VERY talented and the image is killer. It starts production tomorrow and should be in VA before the semesters over (I hope). I can't wait to see it. I've also been buying up design textbooks on line. Older editions of a good book so we have a classroom set for design. This is the sort of tedious stuff someone who has time on their hands does. So.....I'm doing it. So far I have 8 books! Some I got for as cheap as 1.94!!!!!! This is going to be great for the students. The current edition is 120.00 ish! Too much!
That's it for me.
Hasta manana,


  1. it's time for all text books (at every level) to be online - $120 - sheesh!!

  2. It's almost wednesday - 46 people want to know what you're doing for Thanksgiving this year. - Did you remember to buy me a Thanksgiving present?