Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guess who is engrafting????

Hello Blog Monkeys
Oh my God. The docs came in this morning and Dr. Toor (very serious very brainy and dear) said Ms. Solla, You are engrafting! That's the point of the transplant- you kill off the patients bone marrow, introduce a donors bone marrow and manipulate the event with a byzantine medical protocol that is precise beyond comprehension. The send your blood overnight to Seattle (The Hutch) the number one bone marrow center in America) to analyze the blood develop a specific streamed line protocol and adjust the meds by the next morning. This is big science. So with the help of big science, big God and the prayers, visioning and love of my family and friends, tapping, accupucture, meditation, Healers, EMDR...... this little monkey is engrafting!!!
And how is your day going?????? Here's another picture of me with new hair. This is how you really know I'm getting better. I swear I woke up this way!!!!


  1. Berylbaby...I am sitting here eating with Maggie....Oh, Maggie said to tell you that she is eating her second lunch!!! I ?we LOVE the do!! I blieve that you woke up that way...are you channeling Betty Draper??? or Joan Halloway??? keep on graftin!! XOXOOXOX Maggie and Lisa

  2. AWESOME!!!! Engrafting--this is wonderful!!
    The body is amazing--I am so happy for you

  3. Great news! Dreat Doo!

  4. Hey girl, love the big hair and love that you are engrafting. When you have time, I've found even more amazing hair for you. Check out this website:

  5. I see a whole new body of work coming on. Keep engrafting. It becomes you. Are you still on for a Thurs. release??

  6. I think you should get some sort of a rebate from your health insurance co for saving them a ton of dough. Maybe that way, others would do the Solla method of BMT. Nah - this is America - what was I thinking?

  7. Those bizarre animal hair hats [http://www.hemmy.net/2008/06/11/nagi-noda-bizarre-animal-hair-hats/]
    are excellent. The lion perhaps?

    Your numbers are amazing--and you are, too.

  8. Beryl,What an inspiration you are! And I love the new hair styles. Just want you to know that I am keeping you in my prayers and think about you all the time. Also remember that I am just a few minutes away when you are feeling up to visitors. Sending good thoughts and blessings your way. Alice Rodriguez

  9. Isn't English the most dynamic language? "Engrafting"! What a concept. I had a great workout today and thought of you the whole time. I hope you'll be out soon so we can play. Heard back from Dave. I'll call you tomorrow. Love, JoJo.

  10. I'm proud of you baby girl! Can you work on me in the apt???????

  11. Alice,
    I would love that. I'm grateful for your prayers and love. They are coming right back to you!