Saturday, November 13, 2010


So I heard the opening at PVCC last night was fabulous. STACEY"S show is so strong and powerful. The faculty show- sweet Mama! We have an amazing faculty and it's all visible on the walls of the gallery and the walls of student work on the 1st floor of the Dickinson Building. I heard the opening went like clockwork thanks to Fenella and her team of Susan, Jeffrey and Evan. The show is up until Feb. and I bet 50.00 I'll be able to slide in and se it before it comes down. At breakfast this morning I appeared bald and in my readingglasses. I asked James if I looked like a brainy Martian and he said, yes, as a matter of fact, I did. NOW he says I only "looked" brainy!!! WHAT!!!!
SO I'm in clinic today, I don't need any saline fluids maybe little magnesium. My kidney function rocks! James is with me today. After clinics were going to finish off th organic chicken soup Bridget made for me and go for a drive. I feel amazing and I'm grateful you guys are with me.
PS I"M rocking the Little Stephan look in my frency french scarf!


  1. so a drive.... I can only imagine how nice that was..
    peace and love

  2. Look at you, lovely girl! So fun to hang for a bit the other day!