Monday, November 1, 2010

A Good Low

Beryl is now at the lowest count of both platelets (cells that promote blood clotting) and neutrophils (white blood cells that fight bacteria) count which is effectively no immune system, and which is where the doctors want her in order to allow the new bone marrow to take hold. She's not allowed to blow her nose or brush her teeth to avoid bleeding. She's a little scared knowing she's so vulnerable. She doesn't want visitors at this time to make sure there's no danger of infection. With all of that, she rode her bike for a half hour and is mentally more clear. She's focusing on meditating, visualizing and listening to guided imagery CDs. Please send energy force fields her way to protect her at this vulnerable time. Thank you all for your continued concern and well wishes. James


  1. Energizing UP!!!! Straight to BMTG! Love you both!

  2. I guess that means she won't be making a trip to the voting booth today. - (I'll vote twice OK?) - - Always thinking about her - and you too.

  3. sending many positive thoughts to both of you